Wednesday, October 26, 2011

David Gordon Green creates new Animated Series “Good Vibes” to Premiere on MTV Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Oct. 27th, at 10:30 PM / 9:30 Central, tune in to MTV to catch the premiere of Chelsea Director David Gordon Green’s new animated series, “Good Vibes,” immediately following the hotly anticipated return of “Beavis and Butt-head.” Whether you choose to watch the the nineties’ favorite delinquents tomorrow night or not, be sure to tune in afterwards for Green’s new “Good Vibes.” Check out the teaser trailer below.

David Gordon Green was the Creator of the show with Alex Lee (of Simpson’s / Futurama fame) helming the Art Direction, and industry veteran Tom Brady (not the Pats QB) as one of the Executive Producers. The show tells the tale of Bayonne, New Jersey transplants Mondo and his mom, Babs, to the fictional California Beach town of Playa Del Toro. Woodie, voiced by The OC’s Adam Brody, plays Mondo’s new best friend, and last great hope for cool on the opposite coast. Other voice talents include the likes of David Gordon Green’s friend and favorite (and star of his Eastbound & Down) Danny McBride, as well as the talented Debi Mazar, Jake Busey, and Josh Gad as Mondo.

Make no doubt about it, “Good Vibes” is like a raunchy, animated Superbad meets The Simpsons, but underneath it all, it’s got a lot of soul, and boils down to fresh starts and truly meaningful friendships. We’re looking forward to MTV’s new Thursday lineup, and we’re excited to watch David Gordon Green’s first foray into animation come to life. 

And as a bonus, if you have the time, check out the “Beach Party Begins Launch Special” from MTV. If you’re short on time, however, Chelsea’s own David Gordon Green is interviewed (albeit briefly) at 16:55 into the special… Chelsea is psyched, and definitely feeling the “Good Vibes!”

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Introducing a New Chelsea Blog Series: “How'd They Do That?”

Today, Chelsea would like to introduce a new feature to our blog, aptly titled “How Did They Do That?” offering a behind-the-scenes look at some of Chelsea’s most visually stunning spots. Does anyone remember Discovery’s “Movie Magic?” Or, for the twenty-first century crowd, think of it as more of a DVD “making of” featurette. You know, the one you fork over an additional $5.00 for the “Special Edition?”

Part 1 of our new Series, "How'd They Do That?" is a look at Bruce Hunt’s phenomenal spot for Hyundai, “Water.”

The spot, done for Disciple / Innocean and produced by Revolver, Sydney, tells the story of the rigorous testing period that Hyundai undergoes before releasing a new model, and the water imagery evokes that lengthy testing process. But “how, exactly, did [Bruce] do it?” Take a look at the spot below – remarkably, it was all shot in camera.

With a reputation throughout the industry as an FX visionary, the agency approached Bruce to discuss a new water nozzle technology they had uncovered via the magic of YouTube. After a quick demo, Bruce could see, as did the agency, that the technology could be adapted to illustrate Hyundai’s “Fluidic Sculpture” design philosophy for the new i45. “They wanted to tell the story with water, completely in-camera, so we did,” Hunt recalls.

For the behind-the-scenes action on this beautiful spot, take a look at their BTS footage below.

They flew in the rigs direct from Canada, where the technology was invented. “We had a long, involved, design period to find the proper imagery that worked, and designed it, squashed, like a piano roll,” Bruce said of the design period. 

“…But, water accelerates, the images stretched from top to bottom… And so, we watched as the computer controlled rig did exactly what it wasn’t supposed to do – images broke up.”

And so, after consulting directly with the inventor of the technology, “it worked beautifully for the rest of the shoot,” Hunt recalls. Bruce and his crew pushed the new water technology to previously untested heights, and the results are simply breathtaking. The spot was shot on the Phantom HD for High Speed, and 35 mm.

“The strangest thing was to do it in camera, now so uncommon, and to have committed to all the imagery and timings beforehand,” Bruce, no stranger to incredible special effects, said of the experience.

Congratulations to Bruce Hunt and Hyundai on a great spot, and thanks for tuning in to our first installment of “How'd They Do That?”

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Jack Cole Directs Launch Video For New YouTube Space Lab

Tuesday, October 11th saw the launch of YouTube Space Lab, a new competition aimed at getting young adults (ages 14-18) fired up about outer space. YouTube’s educational branch, in collaboration with Lenovo, Space Adventures, and NASA, alongside Europe (ESA) and Japan’s (JAXA) space agencies, challenge young people to design experiments to be conducted in outer space. Judged by such experts in the field as Stephen Hawking, the winners’ experiments will be conducted at the International Space Station and streamed live on YouTube sometime next year.

Chelsea Director Jack Cole directs the launch video for YouTube Space lab, entitled “YouTube Space Lab - What Will You Do?” Cole skillfully and playfully captures the sense of adventure and wonder evoked by outer space. In the video, we watch an ordinary children’s bedroom come alive, as a Lenovo laptop streams a YouTube video of a shuttle launch. Slowly, everyday trinkets of childhood and young adulthood begin to lift off the desk, as though being jettisoned into zero gravity. In the blink of an eye, all semblances of Earth’s gravity are gone, and everything in the room weightlessly takes flight, from a bowling ball to a toy space shuttle orbiting the child’s globe. The film concludes with the evocative words “Your experiment, 250 miles above Earth, for the whole world to see.” And so, in Chelsea Director Jack Cole’s capable hands, a challenge is made to young people everywhere for a chance to showcase their intellectual curiosity that is literally out of this world. Check it out here:

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Chelsea West’s Allie and Susan Run Circles (literally) Around Ice-Cream-Eating Chelsea East

Chelsea West’s Allie and Susan Run Circles (literally) Around Ice-Cream-Eating Chelsea East

On the heels of Chelsea East’s latest installment of their gelato/ice cream tour of New York, two of the multi-talented young ladies over at Chelsea West are making us look bad…

Allie (left) and Susan (right) spent their Columbus Day weekend running the Long Beach Half Marathon. Allie’s official time was 2:11:32, and Susan was right behind her at 2:23:40. No hard feelings, Susan, because here at Chelsea, everyone’s a winner. Except, perhaps, Chelsea East, who’s really going to have to step their game up before the next time we meet. New York Marathon, anyone?

Game on.

(But seriously, congratulations to you both!)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Charles Mehling Rocks London with Kate Moss

Chelsea Director Charles Mehling has been busy rocking out in London, where he has just finished shooting a campaign for Rimmel London for JWT. The English cosmetic company is celebrating 10 years with London Supermodel, Kate Moss as their brand ambassador.

On Thursday, September 15th, Rimmel London celebrated at Battersea Power Station, ushering in the launch of Kate’s first cosmetic collection for the brand, entitled “The Kate Moss Lasting Finish Collection.” The party was awash with London celebs, including, but certainly not limited to, Rimmel Spokeswomen, Georgia May Jagger, Solange Knowles, and Alejandra Ramos.

Charles Mehling directed each spot in the campaign with his signature rock and roll panache. The centerpiece of the multiplatform campaign is a new 4 minute film featuring The Vaccines playing their hit single “If You Wanna,” with special guest star Kate Moss herself rocking out on drums and guitar. Very cool. Check out the film below.

I Scream, You Scream...

…Chelsea screams for Ice Cream! Consider this the fourth installment of our high-stakes Gelato Competition, though we must confess, we opted for good old fashioned Ice Cream this time around.

For today’s tasting, we chose Van Leeuwen Ice Cream. Van Leeuwen is a food truck success story, as they have recently opened three retail locations, one in Manhattan, and two in Brooklyn. And that’s in addition to their ice cream trucks, which, pun intended, just keep on trucking!

For today’s tasting, lovely New York Office Manager and Production Assistant, Pietra, took advantage of the beautiful fall afternoon to take a walk to the shop. In accordance with some of our previous tastings, we stuck with the classics, Vanilla, Chocolate (Mast Brothers!), Pistachio, and Cookies & Cream. Not a bad line up, though they do have some very exotic flavors to choose from! Think Corn, and Pumpkin. Sounds delicious.

The Ice Cream was hand packed by default in very Chelsea-esque recycled brown paper pint containers. Bonus Points for Van Leeuwen! As for the ice cream itself, the results were favorable. Pietra’s favorite was the Mast Brother’s Chocolate, which, if you know Pietra, should come as no surprise. And apparently, Drew owes Pietra a Mast Brothers (of Brooklyn) Chocolate Bar ($11.99, and yes, they’re worth it!). It’s his own fault, but he will make good on his promise. Dan heavily touted the Cookies & Cream, and noted that Van Leeuwen was better than most gelato establishments that Chelsea has sampled in the past.

All told, based on flavor, with bonus points for aesthetically pitch-perfect packaging, Chelsea rates Van Leeuwen a 9, although Lisa notes that “If we had tried the roasted banana, I’m sure I would have given it a 10.”

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Michael Muller Double Header

Two exciting bits of news regarding Chelsea’s own director/photographer Michael Muller.

First off, Michael Muller has been nominated for two awards for his work on Speedo  at the Promax Sports Media Summit and Awards event this year. Very exciting stuff, and a great spot, worthy of praise.

In addition to Michael Muller’s nomination, he and veteran street artist Sage Vaughn have teamed up on art exhibit “Opposing Instincts” at The Outsiders in London. If you happen to be in foggy London town, be sure to check it out from October 6th to October 29th.  Muller’s dynamic photography has been combined with Vaughn’s colorful street sensibilities to create a show that is truly exhilarating. Details after the jump.

The Outsiders London - "Opposing Forces"