Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Jack Cole Directs Launch Video For New YouTube Space Lab

Tuesday, October 11th saw the launch of YouTube Space Lab, a new competition aimed at getting young adults (ages 14-18) fired up about outer space. YouTube’s educational branch, in collaboration with Lenovo, Space Adventures, and NASA, alongside Europe (ESA) and Japan’s (JAXA) space agencies, challenge young people to design experiments to be conducted in outer space. Judged by such experts in the field as Stephen Hawking, the winners’ experiments will be conducted at the International Space Station and streamed live on YouTube sometime next year.

Chelsea Director Jack Cole directs the launch video for YouTube Space lab, entitled “YouTube Space Lab - What Will You Do?” Cole skillfully and playfully captures the sense of adventure and wonder evoked by outer space. In the video, we watch an ordinary children’s bedroom come alive, as a Lenovo laptop streams a YouTube video of a shuttle launch. Slowly, everyday trinkets of childhood and young adulthood begin to lift off the desk, as though being jettisoned into zero gravity. In the blink of an eye, all semblances of Earth’s gravity are gone, and everything in the room weightlessly takes flight, from a bowling ball to a toy space shuttle orbiting the child’s globe. The film concludes with the evocative words “Your experiment, 250 miles above Earth, for the whole world to see.” And so, in Chelsea Director Jack Cole’s capable hands, a challenge is made to young people everywhere for a chance to showcase their intellectual curiosity that is literally out of this world. Check it out here: