Thursday, July 16, 2009

Chris Wilcha Nominated For Emmy! Again!

It's time to build a longer shelf...Chris Wilcha has been nominated for another Emmy in Outstanding Directing For Non-Fiction Programming!  Wilcha won this award last year, so here's hoping for a repeat.

The nomination, for the "John Smith" episode of the second season of This American Life, also completes a hat trick for Wilcha, who was nominated for the same award in 2007 and 2008.  The show was nominated for four Emmys this year, including Outstanding Cinematography, Picture Editing, Directing (shared between Adam Beckman and Wilcha), and Outstanding Non-Fiction Series.

Congratulations to everyone!  We'll all be crossing our fingers on September 20th! 

Monday, July 13, 2009

Alex Gibney's Lance Armstrong Documentary - Los Angeles Times Article

Alex Gibney is currently in France, following Lance Armstrong for a documentary produced by Sony Pictures.  Gibney wrote about it on his blog for the Atlantic, and the LA Times recently picked up the story:
Hollywood loves beat-the-odds stories, and Sony hopes that Armstrong's return to racing after a 3 1/2 -year absence could prove as enthralling as any make-believe film. The currently financing a feature documentary chronicling Armstrong's attempt to win the world's most prestigious bike race.

"What interested me was the story of his comeback -- his will," said the documentary's director, Alex Gibney, the filmmaker behind "Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room" and the Oscar-winning "Taxi to the Dark Side." "I wanted to understand Lance and what makes him tick. And the more I know, the more compelling the story gets."
As of press time, Armstrong was in third place, so no matter the outcome of the Tour, he is definitely giving Gibney something major to film.

Check out Gibney's blog post about it here and see the full LA Times article here.

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Kreutz

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Rick LeMoine Experience: Now at Chelsea

It's official, Rick LeMoine is the newest member of the Chelsea roster.  An industry veteran, LeMoine started as a copywriter and founding partner at Cliff Freeman, and began directing in '96 as one half of the duo LeMoine/Miller.  After a very successful run, LeMoine went solo in 2003 and has racked up major work for clients including Heineken, Fed Ex, Toyota, IKEA, Pepsi, Intel, Mastercard, Xbox, and McDonald's.

And on joining Chelsea, LeMoine very kindly wrote:
Lisa and Allison are genuinely interested in producing smart, thought-provoking work. And despite all this, they still manage to be decent, caring, funny humans. I’m really excited about joining forces with them.
Check out the Shoot coverage here and the Creativity coverage here.