Friday, April 23, 2010

The Tribeca Film Festival - Starring Alex Gibney

Maybe that's a stretch, but not by much. As referenced in a previous post, Alex Gibney has three films in the 2010 festival, but now he's getting a lion's share of the press too, mostly surrounding his untitled Eliot Spitzer documentary. Listed below is a round-up of some the more interesting articles about his trio of films:

- The New York Times roundup of the festival, featuring Alex
- The New York Post calling Alex's Spitzer doc the 'hottest ticket of the Festival'
- An interview with Alex in NY Magazine about political sex scandals
- Great interview in Movieline with Alex about the Spitzer vs. Tiger Wood's scandals
- Shoot Magazine article / interview regarding Alex's history with Tribeca
- Article about and clip from the Spitzer doc from New York Times Art's Beat
- A quick mention in Variety about HBO buying the rights to "My Trip to Al-Qaeda"
- A summary article from NBC New York
- And, we must confess, the article who's title we borrowed for this post

Congrats to Alex and everyone at Jigsaw Productions!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Alex Gibney's Hat Trick at the Tribeca Film Festival

The hardest working man in documentary film has scored a hat trick at this year's Tribeca Film Festival, and his latest movie isn't even in it! As mentioned in a previous post, Alex Gibney's latest feature length documentary, Casino Jack and the United States of Money, premiered at Sundance and is getting a wide release in May. And here's the trailer, exclusive to Apple

So instead, Tribeca gets a work-in-progress screening of Gibney's Eliot Spitzer documentary, the full length My Trip to Al-Qaeda, and closing night coup Freakanomics, of which Alex directs a section, along with all-star filmmakers Morgan Spurlock, LOKI, and Eugene Jarecki. Click the links for summaries, schedules, and if you're able to score one, a ticket. It's a exciting line up and the Chelsea NY team will be at the Festival in full force. See you there!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Nike and "Johan" from ... Johan

It is always exciting to see new work from Johan, all the way over in Amsterdam, and this time we get the pleasure of a new commercial and a new film. The ad is another intense spot for Nike's World Cup campaign, building off the BEZET spot from earlier in the year. Check out that post here. Needless to say, this spot also snagged Creativity Top Spot honors.

And on a lighter-but-also-about-soccer note, here is the trailer for Johan's latest film, titled "Johan". It is not an autobiography, we swear, despite being about a crazed soccer fan named Johan. We'll let you know when it heads stateside!