Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Introducing a New Chelsea Blog Series: “How'd They Do That?”

Today, Chelsea would like to introduce a new feature to our blog, aptly titled “How Did They Do That?” offering a behind-the-scenes look at some of Chelsea’s most visually stunning spots. Does anyone remember Discovery’s “Movie Magic?” Or, for the twenty-first century crowd, think of it as more of a DVD “making of” featurette. You know, the one you fork over an additional $5.00 for the “Special Edition?”

Part 1 of our new Series, "How'd They Do That?" is a look at Bruce Hunt’s phenomenal spot for Hyundai, “Water.”

The spot, done for Disciple / Innocean and produced by Revolver, Sydney, tells the story of the rigorous testing period that Hyundai undergoes before releasing a new model, and the water imagery evokes that lengthy testing process. But “how, exactly, did [Bruce] do it?” Take a look at the spot below – remarkably, it was all shot in camera.

With a reputation throughout the industry as an FX visionary, the agency approached Bruce to discuss a new water nozzle technology they had uncovered via the magic of YouTube. After a quick demo, Bruce could see, as did the agency, that the technology could be adapted to illustrate Hyundai’s “Fluidic Sculpture” design philosophy for the new i45. “They wanted to tell the story with water, completely in-camera, so we did,” Hunt recalls.

For the behind-the-scenes action on this beautiful spot, take a look at their BTS footage below.

They flew in the rigs direct from Canada, where the technology was invented. “We had a long, involved, design period to find the proper imagery that worked, and designed it, squashed, like a piano roll,” Bruce said of the design period. 

“…But, water accelerates, the images stretched from top to bottom… And so, we watched as the computer controlled rig did exactly what it wasn’t supposed to do – images broke up.”

And so, after consulting directly with the inventor of the technology, “it worked beautifully for the rest of the shoot,” Hunt recalls. Bruce and his crew pushed the new water technology to previously untested heights, and the results are simply breathtaking. The spot was shot on the Phantom HD for High Speed, and 35 mm.

“The strangest thing was to do it in camera, now so uncommon, and to have committed to all the imagery and timings beforehand,” Bruce, no stranger to incredible special effects, said of the experience.

Congratulations to Bruce Hunt and Hyundai on a great spot, and thanks for tuning in to our first installment of “How'd They Do That?”