Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Michael Muller Double Header

Two exciting bits of news regarding Chelsea’s own director/photographer Michael Muller.

First off, Michael Muller has been nominated for two awards for his work on Speedo  at the Promax Sports Media Summit and Awards event this year. Very exciting stuff, and a great spot, worthy of praise.

In addition to Michael Muller’s nomination, he and veteran street artist Sage Vaughn have teamed up on art exhibit “Opposing Instincts” at The Outsiders in London. If you happen to be in foggy London town, be sure to check it out from October 6th to October 29th.  Muller’s dynamic photography has been combined with Vaughn’s colorful street sensibilities to create a show that is truly exhilarating. Details after the jump.

The Outsiders London - "Opposing Forces"