Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Johan + Nike + Orange Tape = Creativity Top Spot!

Creative superstar Johan Kramer just finished this sweet guerilla spot for Nike out of Wieden + Kennedy, celebrating the start of the World Cup tournament. Though the excitement and visceral appeal of the spot is universal (giving it Top Spot status at Creativity Online), there is a very specific Dutch element, as explained by Amsterdam Ad Blog:
The word ‘BEZET’ means ‘taken’ and is inspired by Queen’s Day (April, 30) when the Amsterdammers claim their street market stall space the nights before the actual event by taping off an area and writing ‘bezet’. The words ‘bloed oranje’ ask the Dutch to ‘bleed orange’ for their country. Usually the ‘orange’ advertising around big football (soccer) tournaments is overwhelming and not very subtle, which makes it difficult for an advertiser to stand out. This video – distributed through Nike’s websites – is therefore well timed and with its grassrooty character (reinforced by the catchy music by Dutch electro band ‘Daily Bread’) more sympathetic than your regular over-obvious ‘orange painting’. For those of you not interested in (Dutch) football; the guy at the end is Frank de Boer – assistant coach of the Dutch team.
Check out the Youtube below, or catch it on Creativity, or, obviously, Nike!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Chelsea's Most Agile Employee

Well, he's not technically employed by Chelsea, but he does have the official water bottle. Thanks to former intern Cameron for what will inevitably be the Chelsea holiday card photo.

Alex Gibney's "Casino Jack" Set to Premiere at Sundance!

More exciting Alex Gibney news! Then again, his work is always exciting. His just-completed documentary CASINO JACK & The United States of Money is an Official Selection of the 2010 Sundance Film Festival! The film joins 15 others in the US Documentary Competition, whose subjects range from the state of the US public school system to Joan Rivers. The complete list is here. The Sundance catalogue briefly describes Gibney's film as, "A probing investigation into the lies, greed and corruption surrounding D.C. super-lobbyist Jack Abramoff and his cronies." Congratulations to Alex and everyone at Jigsaw!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

For All You New Yorkers: December 7th Screening of "Money-Driven Medicine" with Alex Gibney Q&A

If you are hoping to catch the ever-busy Alex Gibney, you'll have a chance this upcoming Monday, December 7th, at a screening of the latest documentary he produced, Money Driven Medicine. Gibney will be participating in a Q&A after the screening! The details are: Monday, December 7th @ 7:00 PM, Cinema Village, 22 E 12th Street. Check out the trailer:

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Lauren Greenfield's Dubai Photo Essay Hits The New York Times

As we mentioned in a earlier post, Lauren Greenfield shot a monograph this year about the crash of Dubai's supercharged economy. Her work was rather prescient, given the recent news concerning Dubai World's $60 billion debt, and now her photos have made the home page of the New York Times.

In the interview with Greenfield that accompanied the article, she said:
“Dubai is a cautionary tale in the same way as the foreclosure crisis — which I photographed — was,” Ms. Greenfield said last weekend, as the financial crisis in Dubai unfolded. “Dubai was this miracle of development with minimal planning and no infrastructure.”
The original Times story and interview with Lauren is here, and some interesting reblogging here and here.