Monday, December 12, 2011

Save the Date: Michael Muller's "Shark Shoot, Fiji" on Travel Channel this Sunday, December 18th!

Shark Shoot, Fiji this Sunday, Dec. 18th, 9 PM Eastern

Tune in to the Travel Channel this Sunday, December 18th, for Chelsea Director Michael Muller’s special Shark Shoot, Fiji at 9:00 PM Eastern. We can’t wait to sink our teeth into this special! And, with Michael’s love, and knack, for shooting sharks, his appetite for adventure, and his cutting-edge underwater lighting, it promises to be some of the most incredible underwater shark footage you’ve ever seen! Travel Channel describes it thusly:

          “Hollywood photographer, Mike Muller, and his crew of explorers travel to Fiji and take a
          Hollywood high-tech studio underwater to capture photos of 8 species of sharks.”

Michael Muller
Check your local listings, but rest assured, this shark special is not to be missed! We think this is all you’ll need to tide you over until next year’s “Shark Week!”