Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"Adventures in the 80s" at BAM, Curated by David Gordon Green

Beginning tonight at BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music), a selection of five unforgettable films from the 80s will be screened, curated by director David Gordon Green, chair of the BAM Cinema Club (and esteemed Chelsea director). The program, affectionately dubbed “Adventures in the 80s” will feature Risky Business, Adventures in Babysitting, Uncle Buck, After Hours, and Something Wild. These five classic films were handpicked by David, which all served as inspiration for his forthcoming comedy, The Sitter, starring Jonah Hill, as failed college student Noah Griffith, and 3 of the most lawless children imaginable on an unforgettable romp through New York City.

The Sitter, which premieres nationally this Friday, December 9th, will be screened this evening at BAM Rose Cinemas for BAM Cinema Club members at 7:00 PM to kickoff this week’s “Adventures in the 80s.”

Check out BAM for more details on “Adventures in the 80s,” here:

And check out The Sitter here: