Thursday, September 29, 2011

Alex Gibney's "Catching Hell" Premieres on ESPN

All corners of the internet are atwitter (pun intended) with reactions to Chelsea Director Alex Gibney's "Catching Hell" which premiered on ESPN on Tuesday night.

If you missed what all the buzz is about, you'll have another chance.

Tune in:

-ESPN2 Thursday, Sept. 29 at 11 PM
-ESPN Classic Friday, Sept. 30 at 10 PM
-ESPN Classic Saturday, Oct. 1 at Midnight, 8 PM and 10 PM
-ESPN Classic Sunday, Oct. 2 at Midnight, 8 PM and 10 PM
-ESPN2 Saturday, Oct. 8 at 8 AM
-ESPN2 Saturday, Nov. 12 at 5 AM
-ESPN Sunday, Nov. 13 at 9 PM

Trust us, catch "Catching Hell." The film is a great watch, diehard baseball fan or not.