Saturday, January 12, 2013

Nadav Kander's "Bodies. 6 Women. 1 Man" Opens at London's Flowers Gallery

Nadav Kander's stunning Exhibition "Bodies. 6 Women. 1 Man." has opened Friday at London's Flowers Gallery. Open from Jan. 11 - Feb. 9.

Audrey with toes and wrist bent, 2011. Image provided courtesy of Nadav Kander

From the Press Release:

"'Revealed yet concealed. Shameless yet shameful. Ease with unease. Beauty and destruction. These paradoxes are displayed in all my work; an inquiry into what it feels like to be human.' Nadav Kander

"Coated in white marble dust and set against the void of the photographer's studio, the subjects of Nadav Kander's BODIES. 6 Women, 1 Man serve as monumental studies of the human condition.

"Far from the airbrushed perfection that permeates images of nudity in popular culture, Nadav Kander presents us with honest photographs of the human form. The 'bodies' featured reference the forms of the classical and renaissance past, whilst modernising the genre of the nude to act as a tool for philosophical investigation. Faces turned from the viewer, but bodies offered completely, the forms invite the meditation and self-reflection customarily associated with religious iconography and tomb sculpture."

Michael curled away, 2012. Image provided courtesy of Nadav Kander.
You can see much more of the exhibition here and featured in the Guardian here: