Monday, November 5, 2012

Chelsea & SS+K Team Up to Produce Two New Obama for America Spots, "Your First Time" Starring and Directed By Lena Dunham and "For All" Directed By Chelsea's David Gordon Green

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New York, NY, November 5, 2012 - Chelsea and SS+K have teamed up to produce two new spots for the Obama campaign during these critical last days leading up to the election. Both take a candid approach; Lena Dunham amusingly recounted her "First Time" - voting, that is - while Chelsea Director David Gordon Green's "For All" spot features real voters speaking about their "pledge of allegiance" to Obama's America. Lena proved once again that she speaks with and for her generation, with equal parts wit and incisiveness. Her transparency over her "first time" disarms the viewer with an air of intimacy and humor.

David Gordon Green's "For All," released Sunday, shares the hopes of individuals across a diverse spectrum of American experiences. With their dreams for this next presidential term emblazoned in permanent marker on their hands, the men and women declare their support for Obama's presidency. Green's bold and emblematic imagery, edited by Hank Corwin and Jay Rabinowitz of Lost Planet, coupled with music by Jerome Rossen of Freshmade reinforces the chorus of voices to create a bold new national anthem.