Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lauren Greenfield’s Documentary, “The Queen of Versailles” Picked Up at Sundance By Magnolia for Theatrical Release

Lauren Greenfield’s Documentary “ The Queen of Versailles,” which premiered on Thursday night as the opening film at Sundance, has been picked up by Magnolia Pictures last Friday for theatrical release! Press for the film so far has been extremely favorable. "The Queen of Versailles" was only the second film picked up at the Festival, and is slated for a summer theatrical release. Magnolia president Eamonn Bowles said of the film in a recent statement, “’The Queen of Versailles’ brilliantly encapsulates the salient issues of the American economic downturn, while also being one of the most jaw-droppingly entertaining films I’ve seen in a very long time," and goes on to say of the director, “Lauren Greenfield is an exceptionally talented filmmaker with a wonderfully humanistic touch, and she has found a truly magnetic, charismatic star in Jackie Siegel." Lauren said in a statement Friday, “I am really excited to be working with Magnolia, who we huddled with late into last night… I feel like we have found a true kindred spirit, who cares as much about our film as we do. I am really looking forward to working with such a smart, impressive team.” We are very excited and proud of Lauren.

Sources: the Los Angeles Times and the Hollywood Reporter

Image Courtesy of Lauren Greenfield / INSTITUTE