Thursday, August 11, 2011

Chelsea East's Gelato Tasting Part 3

While temperatures reach the 100s in New York, Chelsea East continues to keep cool with gelato tastings!  

For this tasting, we chose  Ciao Bella, a noted Nolita shop that has since gone national.  We ordered  chocolate, espresso, pistachio, Oreo cookie dough and vanilla.  Lisa especially enjoyed the pistachio while Pietra, our staff production assistant, thought the espresso was smooth and flavorful.  There was not a scoop of Oreo cookie dough left over!

To get the true flavor we insisted on purchasing the hand packed pints.  While we would've given the gelato a 7, we're docking it to 6 because the server gave us lip for having to hand pack!  And so, Ciao Bella receives a 6/10.

Pietra and Celia serving Ciao Bella.