Friday, September 17, 2010

We're Thrilled He's Here! Bruce Hunt Joins Chelsea

Chelsea is proud to announce the addition of Bruce Hunt to the Chelsea roster. From the press release:
A master of special effects, both Hunt’s commercial and film work showcase cutting edge visuals used in service of the larger story, effects designed for maximum emotional impact. His client list includes Visa, Toyota, Lexus, Nintendo, Volkswagen, Panasonic, and Hyundai among others, in addition to a highly regarded Tourism Australia project with Baz Luhrman. He has been named Director of the Year four times in Australia for his spot work.
There's also the matter of his film work, which is rather significant. He was a second unit director on The Matrix and Dark City, two films with groundbreaking special effects and visual signatures that have been copied ever since (bullet time anyone?). Hunt's own feature, The Cave, was no slouch either, with some serious special effects and Hunt's signature striking photography. To prove it, see the trailer below. We're glad to have him aboard!