Friday, April 23, 2010

The Tribeca Film Festival - Starring Alex Gibney

Maybe that's a stretch, but not by much. As referenced in a previous post, Alex Gibney has three films in the 2010 festival, but now he's getting a lion's share of the press too, mostly surrounding his untitled Eliot Spitzer documentary. Listed below is a round-up of some the more interesting articles about his trio of films:

- The New York Times roundup of the festival, featuring Alex
- The New York Post calling Alex's Spitzer doc the 'hottest ticket of the Festival'
- An interview with Alex in NY Magazine about political sex scandals
- Great interview in Movieline with Alex about the Spitzer vs. Tiger Wood's scandals
- Shoot Magazine article / interview regarding Alex's history with Tribeca
- Article about and clip from the Spitzer doc from New York Times Art's Beat
- A quick mention in Variety about HBO buying the rights to "My Trip to Al-Qaeda"
- A summary article from NBC New York
- And, we must confess, the article who's title we borrowed for this post

Congrats to Alex and everyone at Jigsaw Productions!