Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Alex Gibney - Sundance 2010 Roundup

Alex Gibney had, not surprisingly, one heck of a Sundance experience. The world premiere of "CASINO JACK and The United States of Money" was a major event, and the film marked Gibney's return to his core subject, the intersection of money, power, and politics. The Sundance catalog summarizes the film thusly:

This portrait of Washington super lobbyist Jack Abramoff—from his early years as a gung-ho member of the GOP political machine to his final reckoning as a disgraced, imprisoned pariah—confirms the adage that truth is indeed stranger than fiction. A tale of international intrigue with Indian casinos, Russian spies, Chinese sweatshops, and a mob-style killing in Miami, this is the story of the way money corrupts our political process.

Check out Alex's own take on the whole experience here, on his blog for The Atlantic, and the Cinematical review here. Magnolia is aiming for a wide release of the film in spring of 2010.