Tuesday, April 7, 2009

State of Play Interview with Kevin MacDonald in The New York Times

As we all know, MacDonald's State of Play is coming to theaters on April 17th, and the New York Times interviewed the director about the film and adapting this cult TV series to the big screen. Here's an excerpt, and catch the full interview here.

"I loved the series, but it never crossed my mind you could make it into a film,” the movie’s director, Kevin Macdonald, said in late March, talking on his cellphone from the back of a London taxicab. And even when he was shown a script, he added, he had a lot of reservations. “It’s sort of like what they say about books,” he said. “You know, good books make bad movies, and it’s better to make a movie from a bad book. This was a very good series, and I worried that we would just let down all the people who loved the original.” What changed his mind, he added, was his realization that the emotional core of “State of Play” involved themes of friendship and loyalty that could be translated anywhere.